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Nova Space partners with government agencies to help provide support and education as the space industry grows. Our education platform ensures you have up-to-date knowledge of all facets of astronautics and space operations.

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In-depth training from skilled experts.

Our signature foundational course provides students with education from experts with over fifty years of training within a standardized curriculum covering all aspects of the space industry.

Customizable Curriculum

A tailored learning experience.

The Space Professionals Course curriculum can be uniquely customized to fit the needs of your team. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can tailor course content to your specific requirements.

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Who is this for?

The Space Professionals Course is a new digital resource unlike any other for government agencies looking to improve communication between and within teams. This course meets government requirements and is presented in a way that decreases the cost and time it takes to achieve competency.

Military operations personnel
Intelligence community
Acquisition community
Executive leadership

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